The Smart-Tamp™ coffee tamper features a real-time display of tamping force. It gives the barista the ability to control and track one of the many variables that contribute to an extraordinary shot of espresso.
The Smart-Tamp™ sports an electronic display showing the instantaneous tamping force, in pounds or kilograms.

The LBS version of the tamper goes from 12 to 42 LBS in 2 LBS increments. The KG version goes from 5 to 20 KG in 1 KG increments.
Every Smart-Tamp™ coffee tamper comes with two bases: a flat and a curved. No need to choose one style when you can have both.

The bases are threaded for a quick and secure attachment.
The display has large numbers and tick marks that are color coded in segments (yellow, orange, red) to make reading the display more intuitive.